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Bach: The Musical Offering with Levon Chilingirian & Friends


JS Bach, arr. H David Das Musikalische Opfer (The Musical Offering), BWV1079

Levon Chilingirian violin (Chilingirian Quartet)
Ronald Birks violin (Chilingirian Quartet)
Susie Mészáros viola (Chilingirian Quartet)
Steve Orton cello (Chilingirian Quartet)

Roy Carter oboe
Paul Edmund Davis flute
Prunella Pacey viola
Toby White cello
Enno Senft bass
John Constable harpsichord


Bach’s ‘Musical Offering’, one of the most celebrated works in classical music, was composed near the end of his life in 1747. Bach was visiting his son CPE Bach, King Frederick the Great’s Court Composer, at his residence in Potsdam, when Frederick – in the process of showing off his acquisition of a new fortepiano – gave the old Bach a complex theme to see if he could develop it into a 6-part fugue. The subsequent set of pieces he composed, known as the ‘Musical Offering’, has become the stuff of legend.

Violinist Levon Chilingirian leads a large chamber ensemble of ten musicians in this famous arrangement by German-American musicologist and Bach scholar, Hans Theodore David (1902-1967), for flute, oboe, pairs each of violins, violas and cellos, with double bass and harpsichord.


Clock6.30pm Sunday, 13th November 2016



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